Austria 8020 Graz Eggenberger Strasse 24.
24 Eggenberger Straße Graz Steiermark 8020 AT

All people have the same longing for touch and loving contact. At our house, you feel the power of touch – brought to you as a variety of massage techniques based partly on Tao and Tantra Massage.

Enjoy our exclusive feel-good-atmosphere and relax into a new dimension of well-being. Unweind in the losono chillout, relax in the infrared sauna or indulge in a perfumed aroma bath – for some time, you will forget stress and worries, you can leave your daily routine behind, build up positive vibrations and go on a sensual journey.

Relaxation is the main goal of a massage and leads to harmonisation on all levels, allows for elimination of the daily stress. Body, mind and soul are balanced. The special form of our massages enables you to dive into your own sensuality. In this way, you are able to increase the energy within yourself and boost your vitality.

Our massage forms and Tantric massage techniques are only practised by well-trained staff and refined periodically, this enables us to guarantee the highest-possible standard and distance ourselves from disreputable services.

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