As a Feature Exotic Dancer that has entertained both locally and internationally, for over 18 years. I have experienced plenty of the best, and worst this industry has to offer.
One of the most intimate and exciting places you will spend time with your customers/clients is in the Champage Room, also known as the private or lap dancing room.
Most of my experiences in the Champage rooms have been positive, somewhat “vanilla” experiences. However, I have also had my share of “what the heck” just happened moments. Everything from customers requesting to be spit on and slapped, or having a stiletto heel ground into their crotch. To accidentally pulling back the wrong curtain, only to find another dancer on her knees, servicing her client with more than just a lap dance. I really have seen it all.
In the midst of all of these vivid memories one stands out above the rest.
One night while I was featuring at one of the largest, most upscale clubs in Alberta, I noticed a very attractive couple sitting in the audience during my show. As my show progressed they moved into the front row and began waving bills in the air, trying to get my attention. When I finally made it over to their side of the stage, they tipped me generously and asked me to please come and see them after my show. Shortly after joining them in their booth we all headed up to the Champage Room for a couples lap dance. After arriving in our private booth I seated the gorgeous couple on the couch, explained the rules, and turned around to pull the curtains closed. I began the dance with my back to the couple, shimmying seductively to the music. When I turned around to remove my bikini top I was shocked….Somehow, within the 60 seconds that my back had been turned, the couple had begun having sex! They were both facing me, sitting on the couch, still fully clothed. Only now the beautiful, raven haired woman was sitting on her partners lap vigorously riding him. The tall, muscular, handsome man couldn’t take his eyes off me, and his intense gaze made me blush. Before I could utter a word they asked me if I would continue dancing in front of them, and watch them while they had sex.
Any other night I would have said no. But the club was still new, and the cameras had not yet been installed in the lap dancing rooms, so I figured I’d let them have their fun. Mere minutes into the dance the woman reached out for me, pulling me close and moaning into my ear. She brushed her soft lips across my cheek and kissed me passionately, her hands sliding across my body, grasping my full breasts. The entire room seemed to melt away for a moment as all three of us were locked into a passionate embrace. Just then the timer went off, a bouncer knocked at our door, and our time in the Champage Room came to an abrupt end. The sexy couple pulled themselves together ( as did I ), handed me their phone number, and invited me to go home with them after my night was over. I thanked them, kept their number, and actually still have it to this day.
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