To create you free listing for your Club, Business, Event or Venue simply follow these simple instructions.

Click on “create a listing” on the main menu on our website, then choose between either “proceed without registration” or register and create a listing.

If you proceed without registering you can create a brilliant listing but cannot come back and edit the listing afterwards without contacting our support team.

However you can edit your listing as many times as you want if you register.

To register and create a listing, enter the username you want and email address on the “create a listing page”, then press submit.

Your dashboard will then appear. From here you can create as many listings as you want.

Remember every listing can have unlimited pictures, videos, social media links, descriptions, event details and much more, as a registered member you can create multiple listings for multiple venues or locations.

You will receive your password via email after your listing has been submitted to allow you to log back in and edit the listing, or add more listings at any time.

All of this is entirely free.


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